Tax & Advisory Services

What makes us different is that we tend to limit our clients to those that align with our specialty and philosophy. By vetting our clients, you are guaranteed a high-end personal experience with a tax & advisory firm that really cares about you and your business.

A true boutique tax & advisory firm like ours is hard to find since we are founded and staffed by people that have the combination of experience and expertise through senior positions in both the mid-tier firms and big firms. This means that you’ll have access to people with some of the best training in the world along with a vast hands-on practical experience in tax and business advisory.

We focus our efforts on aligning our vast expertise in tax and business advisory with you and your businesses strategies and goals. We spend the time to understand your specific tax situation and custom tailor our strategies to align with your lifecycle.

For each of our clients, we obtain a thorough understanding of your specific situation and goals. Once determined, we create models to illustrate your specific situation and provide a basis for all planning. We then go through an iterative process to develop a plan which aligns with your lifecycle and satisfies your goals. Simply put we act as your Financial Concierge. We will also handle all the necessary compliance filings to insure they are properly handled.

Since our tax and business expertise is both deep and wide, a comprehensive list of services is not practical. However, we break our services into three broad categories.

Tax Strategy

Tax strategy is the most advanced form of tax planning. Tax strategy is a long-term plan that you create to balance your long-term financial goals with tax minimization. It considers your current financial situation, tax & legal structure, future financial goals, and the ever-changing tax laws. It involves using complex legal and financial strategies to minimize your tax liability and accumulate wealth. Tax strategy is typically only used by high-income individuals and businesses.

Tax Planning

Tax planning is a more proactive approach to taxes. It involves taking steps throughout the year to minimize your tax liability. This can include things like contributing to retirement accounts, deducting business expenses, and taking advantage of tax credits and deductions. You should do a wellness check annually to determine your projected liability and further actions you can take before the end of the year to minimize your liability. This allows you to manage your cash needs more effectively while removing the stress from the uncertainty inherent in just preparing your taxes after the fact.

Financial Concierge

As outlined in Rob’s book, “A Framework for Growth”, every successful business has a team of advisors, each focusing on their specific area of expertise.

We act as your “Financial Concierge” as you build out your team, grow your business and manage your wealth. 

The concept of “Financial Concierge” is similar to that of concierge medicine. In concierge medicine you have a primary care doctor who understands your overall health and provides basic services. As needed, they bring in specialists to address specific areas of care like dermatologist, orthopedics, etc. Financial concierge is the same idea but as it relates to your business and personal financial health. Cordasco & Company acts as your primary care doctor for your financial wellbeing.

As your “Financial Concierge” we use a leveraged resource model to bring outside experts and vendors into the fold to help manage and grow your business through every entrepreneurial life cycle. This can range from bookkeeping services to estate attorneys to investment bankers and everything in between. 

As a true boutique tax advisory firm, we focus our specific services on the areas which provide you with the highest benefit and value – tax and financial oversight.

Tax Preparation

Tax preparation is the process of gathering your financial information and completing your tax return. This is typically a one-time event that takes place once a year. Tax preparation can be done by yourself, or you can hire a tax preparer to do it for you. Tax preparation is done after the tax year has ended and limits the number of options you have to reduce your liability. The outcome of the final liability is unknown until the tax returns are completed.


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