Tax Services

What makes us different is that we tend to limit our clients to those that align with our specialty and philosophy. By vetting our clients, you are guaranteed a high-end personal experience with a CPA firm that really cares about you and your business.

A true boutique CPA firm like ours is hard to find because they’re founded and staffed by people that have the combination of experience and expertise through senior positions in both the mid-tier firms and big accounting firms. This means that you’ll have access to people with some of the best training in the world along with a vast hands-on practical experience in tax and business advisory.

We focus our efforts on aligning our vast expertise in tax and accounting with you and your businesses strategies and goals. We spend the time to understand your specific tax situation and custom tailor our strategies to align with your business lifecycle.

For each of our tax clients, we obtain a thorough understanding of your specific situation and goals. Once determined, we create tax models to illustrate your specific situation and provide a basis for all planning. We then go through an iterative process to develop a tax plan which aligns with your business lifecycle and satisfies your goals. We will also handle all the necessary compliance filings to insure they are properly handled.

Since our tax expertise is both deep and wide, a comprehensive list of tax services is not practical. However, for most clients you can expect our services to encompass some or all of the following depending on your specific situation.

Tax Planning

Tax model development and iterative planning process to develop personal and business tax planning strategies which align with your goals and business lifecycle.

Tax Compliance

Preparation of personal and corporate income tax returns and other informational tax forms.

Entity Planning and Design

Develop strategies and models to optimize the most beneficial tax structure for you, your business and your business lifecycle including coordination with outside legal counsel.

International Tax Services

Assisting US citizens with tax implications and compliance for foreign activities including FBAR filings, controlled foreign corporations, offshore trusts, foreign earned income exclusion, tax credit planning, transfer pricing and similar issues.

Captive Insurance Arrangements

Strategy, development and compliance of captive insurance arrangements both domestic and foreign including coordination with independent captive managers.

Tax Credit Development Services

Identifying and modeling federal and state tax credits that may be available including research and development credits, energy-based credits, foreign tax credits, jobs credits and similar items including coordination with outside consultants as necessary.

Estate Tax Planning

Development of tax strategies to minimize or eliminate the Estate Income Tax and planning of the passing of tax to the next generation upon death including coordination with estate attorneys.

Transactional Tax Planning

Structuring and modeling significant transactions in a manner that defers or minimizes tax costs associated with specific transactions including coordination with outside advisors and attorneys.

State and Local Tax Compliance and Planning

State and local tax compliance and planning matters, including multi-state taxation and sales and use tax matters.

Cost Segregation Study

Assisting clients reduce state and federal income taxes by reclassifying property when a building is bought, built or renovated including coordination with outside engineers and consultants.

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