Firm Culture & Values

Firm Culture

Cordasco & Company culture can best be described as “geeky professionalism”. We are a group of overachievers who truly love what we do. We “geek out” over our industry and the benefits it can provide to our clients. We are always striving to expand our knowledge and bring creative new ideas to the Firm and our clients. 

Our environment is designed for overachievers who do not require micromanaging. To continually perform at the highest level we provide the flexibility and empowerment to achieve these goals and maintain a healthy work-life balance.

As highly skilled professionals, we ensure that we are equipped with the best tools and resources to maximize our performance. We work extremely hard to consistently be ahead of our industry and business trends. This early adoption strategy allows our people to remain at the head of our profession.


Our core values encompass the spirit of our group. These values are what sets us apart from our peers and provides significant benefit to our clients and team. 


Knowledge is a critical component to our success. It is part of the “geek” in “geeky professionalism”. This is embodied in everything we do. It is the learning environment that we have set up to continually keep the team and the individuals informed, educated and expanding their knowledge. Our team can feel the difference from their first day through their introduction to “Guru”, our knowledge base which leads them through the initial onboarding and training. Guru allows us to continually expand and collaborate knowledge sharing and asynchronous learning. Knowledge continues through mentorship, synchronous learning and on the job training. We also maintain self-serve continuing education platforms for each team member to ensure we continually receive knowledge from experts in our field. 


Service is the professional in “geeky professionalism”. As seasoned pros we need to continually service our clients and other members of our team. We need be responsive and accountable to our commitments. We need to be respectful to each other and communicate effectively. Simply put we need to act as adults, say what we are going to do then do it.

Innovation & Creativity

Innovation and creativity are the other parts of the geek in “geeky professionalism”. We need to continually push ourselves to think “out-of-the-box” to provide new and better solutions for the Firm and our clients. Knowledge is a powerful tool to create the ideas but the desire to innovate and experiment is critical to implementation of these ideas. We need to be open to new ideas and new ways of solving problems. Our firm is continually striving to explore and introduce new ideas to better serve all stakeholders. We expect all team members to cultivate and communicate innovative and creative ideas.


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