Cordasco & Company, P. C. was formed by Rob Cordasco, CPA, CITP in 2007. The firm and its practice closely resembles Mr. Cordasco’s background and expertise.

Rob’s career has been focused on tax, accounting and management advisory services for small to mid-size businesses and their owners. Rob began his career in 1986 – the year in which the Tax Reform Act of 1986 was passed into law. This bill is the primary basis of “modern tax law”. Rob excelled in his ability to understand this landmark bill, its practical application and how to advise clients on minimizing their tax liability. This passion for tax law and its practical application is the basis in which Cordasco & Company has been built.

Interestingly enough, 1986 was also a significant year for technology and the accounting industry. Personal computers were beginning to be adopted by businesses. This lead the way for the migration away from manual accounting systems and mainframes. Rob played an integral role in his firms and many of his clients’ adoption of these systems.  The ability to continually leverage new technologies in his practice and for his clients has stayed with Rob through out his career.

This foundation of tax, accounting and leveraged technology has allowed the firm to focus on assisting entrepreneurs grow and scale their businesses. Rob’s entrepreneurial background allows the firm to fully understand the business life cycles of an entrepreneur and how best to navigate their financial needs through each life cycle.

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