Our Mission

At Cordasco & Company, our mission is simple – we help entrepreneurs capitalize on the rapidly changing tax & accounting environment.

This could mean many things, but to us it means that we need to know tax law, your business and accounting – yesterday, today and tomorrow.  We also need to know you – our clients.  We need to understand your specific situation and what parts of each can benefit you the most during each business lifecycle.  We understand that too much of a good thing can sometimes be bad, so we continually show temperance to balance tax minimization with overall fiscal responsibility.  You know the usual stuff – debt reduction, wealth accumulation, future profit potential, etc.

All of our solutions are backed by leading technologies and sound data analytics.  We have developed, and continue to expand, our start-of-the-art infrastructure which allows us to better serve our clients and provide timely customized solutions. We understand that as business changes, our  capability needs to evolve with the marketplace.  We continually leverage cost effective accounting solutions which allow us to integrate our data analytic methodologies to better identify key trends and predictive outcomes for our clients. 

All of our solutions are custom tailored to meet your business lifecycle needs from start up to growth to maturity and ultimately exit.

“Our goal is to provide you with solutions that are focused on your success and backed by our expertise, experience and leveraged technologies.”

– Rob Cordasco, CPA, CITP | President

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