Financial Concierge

As outlined in Rob’s book, “A Framework for Growth”, every successful  business has a team of advisors, each focusing on their specific area of expertise.

Cordasco & Company acts as your “Financial Concierge” as you build out your team and grow your business. 

The concept of “Financial Concierge” is similar to that of concierge medicine. In concierge medicine you have a primary care doctor who understands your overall health and provides basic services. As needed, they bring in specialists to address specific areas of care like dermatologist, orthopedics, etc. Financial concierge is the same idea but as it relates to  your business and personal financial health. Cordasco & Company acts as your primary care doctor for your financial well being.

We start with understanding your current financial health. This includes looking at your goals, financial performance, tax efficiency as well as working with your current advisors. This helps us develop a blueprint for how to move forward and build a healthy vibrant business.

We then develop strong key performance indicators (“KPIs”) to help manage the overall performance of your business along with specific projections and predictive models to help pilot growth and avoid pitfalls. We regularly meet with our entrepreneurs to discuss the findings, evolve the models and layout a clear path forward. We provide our clients with  strong financial management that aligns with their business strategy and goals.

As a true boutique tax advisory firm, we focus our specific services on the areas which provide you with the highest benefit and value – tax and financial oversight.

As your “Financial Concierge” we use a leveraged resource model to bring outside experts and vendors into the fold to help manage and grow your business through every entrepreneurial life cycle. This can range from bookkeeping services to estate attorneys to investment bankers and everything in between. 

Since our financial management expertise is both deep and wide, a comprehensive list of services is not practical. However, for most clients you can expect our services to encompass some or all the following services depending on your specific situation.

Financial Modeling and Toolkit

We provide a reporting infrastructure that is custom designed for your specific needs. Since we have an extensive technology and management expertise, we develop high level measurements, models and tools which are well thought out and easy to implement. These custom designed tools provide us with critical information to discuss and help manage your business. 

Strategy Development

Aligning financial and business strategies through all aspects of the business lifecycle by evaluating market opportunities, determining competitive position and appropriate delivery channels into markets & developing business and product strategies.

Capitalization & Business Financing Services

Assessing, planning, and pursuing financing options in support of client business development and growth opportunities, including pursuit of private and public placements, venture capital, mezzanine debt, as well as merger and acquisition possibilities.

Data Analytics 

We provide the financial basis most data analytic measurements at both the organizational (macro) and product (micro) level. We work with outside data analysis and data scientists to construct the best analytic model leveraging machine learning and AI. 

Power BI Dashboard Development 

We help develop customized dashboards in Power BI (and other popular applications) to provide the best financial dashboard for your business. These models may include real time data, predictive analytics along with emerging AI. We work closely with programmers, data analysis and data scientists to develop the most beneficial tools to help you manage your business. 

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