Business Advisory Services

As a true boutique CPA firm, we focus our services on the areas which provide you with the highest benefit and value.

We have found that using a leverage model to take advantage of offerings in the market for lower end services, such as bookkeeping and payroll, allows us to focus on your specific business needs and growth of your company.
Since our primary focus is entrepreneurs, we can easily navigate each of your critical business lifecycles to align your financial needs and accounting infrastructure. We use state-of-the-art technologies and analytics to develop a clear path forward and decision-making model.

Each advisory client starts with a strong accounting infrastructure using external resources to minimize costs and provide a strong technology infrastructure. The days of expensive and overpriced bookkeeping services are behind us. Once the infrastructure is in place, we develop strong key performance indicators (“KPIs”) to help manage the overall performance of the business. We then develop specific projections and predictive models to help pilot growth and avoid pitfalls. We regularly meet with our entrepreneurs to discuss the findings, evolve the models and layout a clear path forward. We provide our clients with strong financial management that aligns with their business strategy and goals.

Since our management expertise is both deep and wide, a comprehensive list of services is not practical. However, for most clients you can expect our services to encompass some or all the following services depending on your specific situation.

Fractional and Virtual “True” CFO Services

We act in the capacity as a True CFO for your business. Most services in the marketplace are disguised bookkeeping services which are grossly overpriced. Since we do not provide bookkeeping services ourselves, we are able to focus on specific critical financial needs of your business and manage the accounting resources – like a real CFO. We use a robust toolkit of KPIs, data analytics, models, projections and predictive analytics to provide the core of these services. 

Financial Modeling and Toolkit

We provide a reporting infrastructure that is custom designed for your specific needs. Since we have an extensive technology and management expertise, we develop high level measurements, models and tools which are well thought out and easy to implement. These custom designed tools provide us with critical information to discuss and help manage your business. 

Accounting Infrastructure 

Accounting systems and offerings in the marketplace have evolved significantly over the past 5+ years. We leverage these services and tools. In doing so, we assist our entrepreneurs with selecting the right infrastructure for their business and changing service providers as necessary. We have strong relationships with a variety of vendors and continually monitor the developments in this rapidly evolving space. This allow us to act as a True CFO for your business. 

Strategy Development

Aligning financial and business strategies through all aspects of the business lifecycle by evaluating market opportunities, determining competitive position and appropriate delivery channels into markets & developing business and product strategies.

Capitalization & Business Financing Services

Assessing, planning, and pursuing financing options in support of client business development and growth opportunities, including pursuit of private and public placements, venture capital, mezzanine debt, as well as merger and acquisition possibilities.

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