Tax Reform Series 40 – Deemed Repatriation at Two-Tier Rate

Plain Language of Change:

  • Corporations will be required to pay a repatriation tax on offshore earnings. Specifically, the last taxable year beginning before January 1, 2018, any U.S. shareholder of a specified foreign corporation must include in its income, the pro rata share of the accumulated post-1986 deferred foreign income of the corporation

  • The two-tier rate is 15.5 percent for the included deferred foreign income held in liquid form (i.e., cash or cash equivalent assets) and 8 percent for the remaining deferred foreign income (i.e., illiquid assets), determined as of November 2, 2017, or as of December 31, 2017 (“measurement dates”)

  • The credit for foreign taxes would also be disallowed, thus limiting a foreign tax credit to the taxable portion of the included income.

  • The increased tax liability generally may be paid over an eight-year period

  • The mechanism for the mandatory inclusion of accumulated foreign earnings is subpart F

  • Special rule permits any shareholder of the S corporation to elect to defer their portion of the net tax liability at transition to the participation exemption system until the shareholder’s taxable year in which a triggering event occurs

  • Recapture from expatriated entities

  • Shareholders of surrogate foreign corporations not eligible for reduced rate on dividends

Detailed Analysis of Deemed Repatriation at Two-Tier Rate

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