QuickBooks Keyboard Shortcuts

I’m an old school compter guy.  I started before there ther were icons to point you in the right direction So, I have always used shortcut keys to help me navigate through transactions and data entry.

I resently came across an article on www.sleeter.com/blog that outlined some neat shortcut keys.  I’ve outlined below the ones that may be of interest.  You check at the full Sleeter blog post for a more comprehensive list.

Editing QuickBooks Transactions and Lists

When you are working with a transaction such as an invoice or bill, you can manipulate the transaction itself, and the detail lines, in several ways.

Ctrl-Del                               Delete the selected line in a transaction

Ctrl-Ins                                Insert a blank detail line in a transaction

Ctrl-N                                  Create a new transaction or list item

Ctrl-D                                  Delete the current transaction or list item

Ctrl-E                                  Edit an item in an item list, or in a register

Opening QuickBooks Windows and Lists

From any point in QuickBooks you can quickly open a variety of windows and lists with just a keystroke.

 Ctrl-W                                 Opens the write check window to write a new check

Ctrl-Q                                   Open a Quick Report when you have selected the item

Ctrl-Y                                    Open a transaction journal for a transaction

Ctrl-J                                     Open the customer center

Ctrl-A                                    Open the Chart of Accounts

Ctrl-I                                     Open the create invoice window to create a new invoice

Ctrl-L                                    Open a list

F1                                          Opens the Help window

F2                                          Displays the Product Information window

F3                                         Opens the newer Search feature



+ (plus key)                        Increase a number in a form

– (minus key)                     Decrease a number in a form

Alt-S                                    Save the current transaction

Alt-N                                    Save the current transaction and go to the next

Ctrl-Page Up                       Move to the first item in a list or register

Ctrl-Page Down                  Move to the last item in a list or register

 Hopefully, these will help you navigate QuickBooks a little easier.  I also encourage you to cehckout www.sleeter.com it is a great resource for QuickBooks information.

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