Intuit Releases QuickBooks 2013

Well, it is that time of year again.

Intuit released new editions QuickBooks 2013, including Accountant, Pro, and Premier, with numerous key enhancements including an entirely new interface. Once we get further into the new application, we will write about those items that we think are of interest.

Here is a brief overview of what is in the new QuickBooks 2013:

Of specific interest to accountants, Intuit has added numerous tools to the Accountant edition aimed at helping accountants save time in their workflow, invoicing and navigation. The latest version offers improved centers for key customer information and transactions, along with additional tabs, a “send journal entry” workflow feature, and the ability to batch-enter transactions such as check deposits and credit card charges.


“Every year we ask what are the two or three big things we can add,” said product manager for QuickBooks Accountant Jacint Tumacder. “We also get feedback on lots of little things. While we did the big things, in this version, we said, ‘Let’s go back and make it work really well for all of our users.’ We did that through dozens of ‘delighter’ enhancements, including a completely new interface, which is familiar but optimized for efficiency.”




Other notable improvements in QuickBooks 2013 Accountant include the ability to


• batch enter up to 1,000 transactions from Excel into QuickBooks.

• email journal entries to clients directly from QuickBooks, and clients can click to import the entries automatically from an email attachment.

• edit and format custom financial statements and documents using familiar Microsoft Excel and Word functions. These reports can be created for distinct client business types, and the data is automatically refreshed.


• have one-click access to the tools used the most. This customizable feature includes the new Reconcile Widget, which provides a fresh look at account balances, reconciled balance and last reconciled date all in one place.



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