QuickBooks 2012 Document Management Makes Some Good Changes

Most of you know, we are fans of SmartVault for QuickBooks Document Management integration, but the recent changes to QuickBooks 2012 have us looking very closely at these solutions and how we will use them in the future.

Document Management has been an optional feature in QuickBooks since the 2010 release. In the 2012 release Intuit added the ability to have local document storage for  free. In addition, the ability to store your documents in the Cloud with Quickbooks Attached Documents is being phased out.

Document Management in its simplest form is the ability to store a document electronically in a way that is easy to retrieve. In the QuickBooks environment this usually revolves around “attaching” the document to a QuickBooks transaction or list record. For example, you may want to attach a scanned copy of a receipt to a QuickBooks check, drawings and specifications to an estimate, or a contract signature page to an invoice. There are many features that can be added, but that is the basic task.

There are two general ways that the storage of these documents can be implemented. You could store the attachments “in the cloud” on the servers of the company providing you with this service, or you could store the documents locally on your own computer or computer network.

In QuickBooks 2010 Intuit released QuickBooks Document Management as an integrated tool with QuickBooks. This was a subscription based online product through the Intuit App Center, storing your documents in the Intuit cloud servers. This was in direct competion to SmartVault.  In the Quickbooks 2011 release this function evolved to QuickBooks Attached Documents. There was an option to store your documents locally, but you still had to pay a fee even if you didn’t use the online storage.

So, here we are in the 2012 release, and we now have the Doc Center. What has changed this year?

  • Local storage of your documents is free, everyone gets this feature as a part of QuickBooks.
  • A drag and drop interface is added that is very convenient. Just drag a document from your Windows desktop, file system or an Outlook document and drop it on the product, the document will be imported.
  • Additional information about the properties of the stored document is available.
  • No more online document storage!

The  QuickBooks Doc Center provides free local storage for QuickBooks 2012 and later, but no online storage option. For QuickBooks 2010 and 2011 users, online storage will continue if you have it, but you are eventually going to have to move away from that. This means that we will continue to use SmartVault for our cloud based storage solutions, but heavily leverage local storage options.

We will continue to keep you abreast of changes to the

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