QuickBooks 2011 – New Release Sets Stage for Future Integration

Intuit’s QuickBooks remains the most used small business accounting product today. Each year Intuit releases a new version of the software – for an additional fee.  The new 2011 version of the software makes some improvements, but for the average user no significant changes to the 2010 version of the software.  This release continues to develop its integration with the web and outside services that will dominate the market in coming years.  This new release has some nice enhancements, but probably not worth the cost unless you want to leverage the new integration or some specific features. 

Although there are a number of changes in this release, here is what we think are best enhancements:

…..  More Comprehensive Setup Wizard to assist new users

…..  Added Collection Center to help manage customer receivables

…..  Web Email Integration from Yahoo, Gmail or Hotmail accounts

…..  Class-Based Blance Sheet (although this does not seem to work as intended, it will hopefully be corrected throughout the year)

…..  Improved Connectivity with Intuit Payment Network

…..  Integration with QuickBooks Attached Documents.  However, we are still fans of SmartVault, but Intuit is coming on strong.

…..  QuickBooks Connect is the first step in integrated Web & Mobile Solutions.  We expect much more from this in the coming years.

Click herefor a great white paper on the newest features.  If you have any specific questions regarding this release or QuickBooks in general, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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